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I have been told it is best to stay away from HCA hospitals as a traveler. Could someone give me some insight about this. Florida's west coast has many and I was thinking about a travel job there.... Read More

  1. by   jdickrn
    I am currently on assignment at my first HCA hospital and I will never work for one again. It may be my current facility vs. the other HCA facilities but other travelers I work with say the other HCA's they've traveled too are the same. The charting system is antiquated, I feel like the patient is on the bottom of the priority list. I feel like I don't get to spend any time with my patients and that seems to be an acceptable atmosphere among the core staff nurses, part of me thinks they don't know any better. This is also my first non-teaching hospital experience as I've spent my whole career in large teaching hospitals so that may also have some bearing on my disliking this facility.