Has Anyone Worked With Sunbelt Staffing?

  1. Dear Nurses,
    Has anyone worked with/for Sunbelt Staffing? I saw a few NICU positions posted with them, (which are harder to get by the way). I would appreciate input about this.

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  3. by   debsimb
    I have not worked for sunbelt but they are the sister company for Soliant health....These are small companies..If you work for sunbelt you can also work for Soliant. I think the benefits are the same.
    Soliant is a great company ( i have worked for many). The pay is a little less per hour- BUT the insurance is great and the housing is too. Sunblet works mainly out of the south, I think. The smaller companies have a more personal touch (in my experience) and I highly recommend them. Oh and I have BC/BS insurance- short and long term disability- dont get that from other companies...look beyond the hourly pay..if you are smart