Has anyone traveled with Access Nurses?

  1. Hello everyone. I've been a nurse for a couple of years now and I'm considering travel nursing. San Francisco is a city that I've always wanted to visit, and I have the option of taking an assignment for 13 weeks with Access Nurses. It would be good if I could get feedback from travelers who have used Access Nurses in the past. Is this a reputable company? Do travelers experience problems with them? Any feedback would be great. I'm nervous and excited about traveling crosscountry and I don't want to get shafted by my travel company of choice.
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  3. by   GoingHome
    Hi, I've been with Access for a year. I have met numerous travelers and you know how we talk. I have been so happy with them. I have not had a reason to look for another company. An important thing for you to know is what is important to you. Some say money, some say loyal company, some say benefits, etc... For me, I do not want to be told one thing and arrive somewhere to find it different than I was told. I also want to be put up in good housing, in addition to having a company who will back me. These things have consisently been met with access. I primarily credit my recruiter Jessica Nesbitt, but the company is good too. You can trust what they tell you and they will help you immediately with anything that is wrong or even if you have a simple question. Good Luck