Good Travel Experience and ?s about Sarasota Memorial, FL

  1. I just recently had a terriffic experience at Inova Fairfax, Falls Church Virginia on the CVSDU. Fabulous manager, excellent team of nurses, great medical back up. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself immensely. Any one ever have an opportunity to work on that floor--run, don't walk!

    Also, I'm seriously considering Progressive Care Stepdown (tele) at Sarasota Memorial,in FL. Interview went well and was offered the position unofficially but would like to hear if any one else has had positive experiences with this unit, too?

    I have to other prosprective jobs for travel, one in Orlando and one in Naples, but was holding out for Sarasota because I went there as an undegrad, and know the place quite well. Plus, the way was quite a bit better. It is nights, and 'm a day girl, so I'd have to adjust.

    I have two stepdown and ICU psotions offered locally (at local pay) and two more ICU/stepdown interviews before I have "all my ducks in a row."

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as usual.

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  3. by   Sylvia321
    Jamie, I understand that Sarasota requires you to take the PBDS test and I have heard two different stories reguarding the test for the traveler. Some say if you "fail" this test your contract is cancelled, others say they give you another chance. I have not worked there so don't now which is true. Be sure to ask if you interview. Also they have in-house seasonal there too, but I don't think they provide housing.
  4. by   rnerin
    Jamie, I am currently at SMH in the CIC. I honestly don't know a lot about the unit you're talking about, but the hospital is nice. There is some turmoil/dissention because of the new (over 1 year) CEO and some of the changes she's making, but there are issues everywhere you go, right?! I did have to take the PBDS-never heard anything, good or bad, after I took it. Traffic in Sarasota is a bear from now until April/May because of all the snowbirds. Good luck with your decision.