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  1. :hatparty: I am so excited about getting started in traveling!!! I am a reletively new nurse, only been working about a year and a half. But I am very unhappy in my current job and was looking for a way out. A friend of mine from school has been traveling for a few years and is absolutely loving it. I was just hoping to get some pointers from those who have been in this game for a while. What things do you know now that you wish you'd known on your first assignment? I know it will be different and purpose a whole new set of challenges, but I think I'm ready. I need all the advice I can get so all posts and pm's are welcome. Thanks you all I know everyone has a wealth of info to share, can't wait to hear it all. :bowingpur
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  3. by   KyRNBSN
    Many posts here can tell you the basics. But here are a few tips

    1: register with more than one travel company but investigate all companies on forums for feedback before registering.
    2.: don't quit your currert job until you are ready to travel.. sometimes it can take several weeks to get the ball rolling.
    3: It is to your advantage to sign up on several nursing forums for feedback on everything from pay, housing, companies, locations, hospitals et al.
    4: Brush up on Tax laws for travelers and find out what is, and is not tax deductable. Better yet, hire an accountant.
    5: Watch our for Blended rates, or "untaxed" pay. Also watch out for questionable practices. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    6: Get a good laptop with WiFi card, Cellphone which are essential in traveling.
    7:Take out and have fun!!!