First assignment is UCLA and living in Studio City???

  1. Any knowledge of the area would be appreciated! Commute time, safety, surroundings...etc.
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  3. by   puresass
    UCLA is in a beautiful area! i don't know much about studio city, but i'm staying there in a couple of weekends so i'll get back to you. :wink2:

    anyway, good luck to you!!
  4. by   EJ8468
    You will love Studio City..Its a great location in LA. The traffic on I-110 is a mess and a half but I heard there is a train you can take that can get you to and from UCLA and other parts of the city. Everything you need is in walking distance.I forgot the name of the main street (I believe it Valencia or something like that) and you can really have fun on this one strip or take Laurel Canyon and you will find yourself right smack in the middle of Sunset Blvd/Beverly Center in 5 minutes. Trust me ...They placed you in a good area..

    Good Luck
  5. by   Traveling Blue
    I believe the name of the main road thru Studio City is Ventura Blvd. There are many nice shops and eateries up and down the strip. It is a very nice area, as well as somewhat expensive. A lot of the stars live in that general vicinity. You will love that area!!! I worked at LAC-USC for 11 months and lived right up from Studio City in Burbank/Hollywood area. Great fun!!! Centrally located!!!

    Which travel company are you traveling with for the UCLA assignment?