Do Any Travel RN's Maintain a Small Home?

  1. Dear Nurses,
    I am interested in travel nursing, but wish to stay a bit closer to my home of Lexington, Ky. I am not interested in selling my small condominium, and I am using my retirement account to exist I have been out of work for over 7 months, (1st time in 33 years). I have 26 years of Level III NICU and 2 years Level II. I have already retired from the major teaching hospital here for nine years and worked for them in the pool for six years after that. They currently do not need my help and the other one I left after 2 years they would not let me off night shift and opened up 2 dayshift lines 2 weeks after I left, (I was up for 48 hours on my time off, sleeping only enough to start the next 2 12 shifts). I have an underlying sleep disorder. It has taken me 5.5 months out of the 7 months of not working for me to re-learn to sleep at night. I also want space in between travel assignments to create an ultimately self employment picture. I have my own health insurance.
    I am an excellent teacher. I have many years of graduate school, but technically no masters, (long story). Was is OGrady Peyton really like? I have also worked on the pediatric wards of a tertiary medcenter and PICU as a pool RN. I also have 4.5 years of child and adolescent psyche, (worked on the side). I am a recovering workaholic and these last months have been very insightful for me, but I do need to work starting in the New Year. I have not gotten one response from the many resumes I have sent in this area, even for those outside of neonatal! That has never happened to me, even when I talk to people one on one or per phone.

    Thanks for your reading and responses. My ownly son is grown. I have been divorced for many years and have a loving spiritual family here in Lexington,(non traditional). My son is 25 and persuing his MS/Ph/D in Birmingham, Alabama. I do not see him very often.


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