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  1. I have been a RN for 10 years and travel nursing for about 3 years now and have had two of my contracts canceled. I was told sorry they did not give a reason or they said their has been some complaints. My contracts were canceled becasue I did not fit into the perfect political click or the press gainey score drop that moth and the hospital department manager needed a scapegote. I got into travel nursing so I could have a contract and hospitals could not use and abuse me in the regualr and usualy whay they abuse nurses (work when your told, how your told, in the place we tell you, unsafe pt loads, threats of termination if press ganiey score drops. . . ect and all for 13-15 hr). At first I had control when a hospital tried to float me when floating was not in my contract. I would do it at first for good will and all but when it became abusive I would say no, it is not in my contract. I was backed by my agency and although the hospital said they would cancel the contract they could not, at least not without having to pay out my hours in minum wages and pay a fee for early termination without cause. Howver, things seem to be changing. I am now currently at a hosptial in which I was contracted to work 7P 7 on 7 off but work all shifts 1 day on 1 day off or just whatever they say. My agency says that all contracts are now in complete favor of the hospital. I was told I could leave becasue I was not working the position I signed for but then the agency would have to pay a high fee to the hospital for not provoding them with the "perfect nurse"! WHAT??? The hospital can breech the contract and the agency has to PAY? I have called around and this seems to be a growing trend among agencies who want clients so bad they put some sort of guarentee in their contracts in favor of the hospital. So nuses have no rights or job security? Has anybody else experienced this? What agencies have the best contracts in favor of the nurse? If this keeps up I will apply at walmart and work there (the pay is the same as some of these hospitals) I will not drive across america just to be told sorry they don't like you go home. (ie. found another cheaper nurse, did not fit the click or whatever stupid reason). I could wirte pages on that click problem such as no click = crappy schedule. why is nursing so political! I though traveling was an escape from this where I had a papper sheild called a contract protecting me floating hole filling all shift do whatever your told schedules.:angryfire
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