1. I may need to go to Canada for 3 months for my husband's job. Thought it would be a great opportunity to try and pick up a travel position. I have been trying to research it on the web but have not come up with anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do they even have travel positions in Canada. It would be in the Vancover BC area.
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  3. by   Kait
    Hi there!

    I'm an RN in Vancouver (who's actually going to the States next month, lol) and we DO have agency nurses here. They're quite well paid too... our starting wage for a new grad is about $27/h, goes to about $35 or more for years of experience and more for specialty. We're paid by the government here, so there's no haggling. Travel nurses here though, make about $42/h! I know some people who've been travel nurses here, and I believe their company was called "Staffing Solutions", so maybe give them a try. They had their housing paid for, and no complaints as far as I know.

    Good luck! If I can help with any other questions, just ask!

  4. by   Shiggles!
    I worked in Canada for the past 5 years. I am not sure if they do travel assignments at the time I couldn't find any. But I do know from the hard way, that if you contact the hospital's human resources and tell them what you are trying to do, they should have work visa lawyers who will get the process going for you. It goes much quicker, they even payed for my moving expenses, and I moved everything. If they offer to pay for all of your moving expenses, you probably would have to commit for a year or two. Vancouver General is the larger hospital out there.
  5. by   Teachchildren123
    I never worked with travel agencies but you could call the units/hospitals that you are interested in and ask which agencies they uses there.
    I found a few sites on that you could check out:
    Travel Nursing Jobs - Health Care Jobs & Employment - Find A Nursing Job - Core Medical Group
    Check out Health Care Traveler - Home Page
    Travel Nursing Jobs - Travel Nursing Agencies - Nursing Jobs

    Hopefully, there will be some experienced travelers who could help you here. :angel2:
    Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress and experience!
  6. by   BackPackerRN
    Thanks for the info, I have found some websites that will be helpful with my search.