Bermington Wa

  1. Anyone know about Harrison Med center in Bermington Wa. Got offered a job in there ER.
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  3. by   redraccoon
    Harrison is actually in BREMERTON Washington
    The hospital has a campus in Bremerton and one in Silverdale.
    They do have a good reputation, but I haven't worked there so I don't have any firsthand experience.
  4. by   k_cole21
    Worked at the silverdale campus in L&D. One of my favorite places I've worked. Something was a little odd about the place.....don't know if it was the people, the atmosphere or what. Never could put my finger on it but I enjoyed it! Not much to do in Bremerton but you can catch the ferry over to Seattle...about 50 min ride, free to Seattle, pay coming back. My brother lives in Bremerton so I've been out there a couple of time. If you look in the Bremerton newspaper you can find some pretty descent housing for pretty cheap if you take the housing stipend. I think the name of the paper is "The Sun Link"..... Tacoma is a 45 min drive too.