background checks

  1. what type of background checks are done on travelers? do they get their fingerprints themselves? does the agency pay for the background check? i know that a federally run fingerprint check can take a very long time to get back. do you start working while the agency waits for results.
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  3. by   oMerMero
    The only fingerprints I had to do were for state boards of nursing to get my license in the state. I had to go to a local police station for my fingerprints, althoug some states do it electronically via private companies. In terms of the background check the agency did, as far as I know it was a criminal background check, and no, I did not have to pay for it, and I never heard the results (I was not concerned about it, I have no record). I am not sure if they had the results before I started. I would assume they did.
  4. by   Selke
    The travel agencies I've signed with all had me sign a waiver for a background check, maybe credit check, things like that. However, I was told once by an agency that they don't always do these checks. I have not run into one that requires fingerprinting; this indicates an FBI search, like some BON are doing for licensure or reciprocity. I think whatever background check these agencies do is limited to the state you live in, perhaps going back five years.
  5. by   sandals
    the state where i work has done mandatory fingerprinting for nursing liscence renewal. as a staffing agency, we do a state name check. we are going to start doing it by soc sec # in each state where the person has lived for the past 7 years. i was under the impression that the travel comp are doing finger print checks which are the most accurate and can be done on a federal level. is this not the case?