Any hospitals that don't use vendor management?

  1. I have started an agency and have been looking to get assignments but it seems that every single hospital uses VMS/MSP for supplemental staffing. Not only do they use it, but they require it. I have talked to about 20 different hospitals and they don't even entertain going outside of their VMS/MSP. I thought that I would solve the problem by asking which VMS/MSP they use and then signing up with them...I got about 5 different answers and called each of them, and exactly zero are accepting more agencies. I'm stuck. I have tried rural hospitals as well as big city hospitals and I keep running into this problem. I tried going through the unit manager of nearly all places and I'm still not getting bites thanks to not belonging to these entities.

    It's hard for me to understand why none of the MSPs will add a new nurse who's ready to take an assignment immediately, considering they take a percentage of earnings.

    Does anyone know of hospitals that don't use this ****? I can't tell if it hinders a hospital's prospects or helps them, given my experience.
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