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I am trying to decide on which travel nursing agency to use. I am looking at Fastaff, On Assignment, and Nurse Choice. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am wanting to travel for the money, so I want to go with the agency who pays really well. Also who has nice housing.


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I did a little travel nursing last year, two assignments. First I went to Maine, had a luxury condo right on the ocean at Old Orchard Beach right next to the pier. It was great. Then I went to Oregon, and things weren't so well. The company didn't get me housing right away, (when they did, it was good), but what soured me was they did not reimburse me for the motels I stayed in while waiting to start the job, as my license got delayed and hence the job. But Oregon has a lot of travel nurses from many agencies. The biggest thing I got from them to tell you is that all the agencies get the same money for you to work that contract. The different agencies cut the pie different. So you have decide how you want the pie cut. There is an agency that does not supply your housing, but they pay you $850 a wk tax free for your housing/food. Personally, I think you will make out best doing that. But if you don't want the hassle of the monthly bills, setting up the electric, getting furniture etc, then let them do it and you will still make out good. Good Luck. If I didn't have my house, I would still be traveling.:nuke:

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