what is travel nursing really like?


can someone who has been a travel nurse working in the united states tell me what the job is really like? all the benefits and pay seem pretty good and only working 3 days a week sweetens the deal but is travel nursing as good as the websites online make it seem? since you are constantly on the move, how do you deal with family and friends? can u really make a career out of travel nursing? cause it seems like travel nursing is only a temporary job. u can't do it all your life.

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Travel nursing is absolutely a career. I have worked with travelers who have been doing this for over 15 years. You have to be on top of your game. Very often you can be the most experienced nurse on the unit. With cell phones and the internet it is much easier to keep up with friends and family. Also, there are some nurses who travel with their family. It all depends on the person. As far as money, very often we do make more money then staff nurses, especially working in the southern states.

Anyway, hope this helps and welcome.

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