Travel or local staffing agencies for Portland area hospitals

by desta desta Member

Specializes in emergency, trauma, homecare/community. Has 6 years experience.

I'm planning a cross country move to Portland for family reasons and will be looking for travel contracts or per diem work in the Portland area starting in January. I am lucky in that I have a place to land housing wise and am not totally committed to the area long term, just need to be there for the time being, so not looking for full time at present. And I have several years' experience, including a solid 2 in my current specialty (ED). OR licensing process is well on the way.

I've been reading up on the posts here - sounds like the job market is pretty slow. I am looking for some information to help me target my search.

So - I have connected with American Mobile and it sounds like they offer many more contracts in California (the recruiter was even trying to push me that way on the phone!) Thinking that it might be better to target my applications (and time/energy) to agencies that actually provide travel nurses to Portland area hospitals. Would really appreciate any info on which are placing nurses around Portland.

Also, local staffing -wise, I've put in an application with MedStaff, which I heard about via word of mouth. I also found mention of Advantage Nurse Staffing and Integrated Healthcare Solutions offering per diem/temp work in the area here on this board. Wondering if anyone has experiences with these agencies or recommendations.

Many thanks in advance!