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So, I've decided that I might like to volunteer my nursing skills abroad before I start anesthesia school full-time next fall. Does anyone know of any good programs where I could go for about 2 weeks? (I would like an organization that is not religious-affiliated) Doctors without borders requires a minimum 6 month committment. Does anyone have any volunteer abroad experiences they would like to share? Thanks.


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I recently went to Guatemala with a group called Amerispan and did a medical spanish immersion program. It included spanish classes, homestay with a family, and one week of volunteering in a clinical setting. Amerispan has a lot of programs in various countries geared towards all levels of spanish speaking ability. (check out the SALUD medical programs info)

Volunteering is not the main purpose of the trip; cultural and language immersion are. But you will get hands on experience--at least, I did in Guatemala. It was a very worthwhile trip!

There's also an organization called Global Volunteers that coordinates shorter volunteer trips.

I volunteered with them in the US about 8 years ago and it was a wonderful experience.

One do have to pay your own way. It's worth it!

Good luck!!

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I know several people who have done 2-3 week trips with "Operation Smile." I'm not sure if there is a religious affiliation -- I don't think so. They go to third world countries all over the world and perform cleft palate surgeries. You don't have to have OR or PACU experience. I'm not sure about their contact info, but I'm sure they have a website. I've heard wonderful things about the experience!

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