Trauma interview


I'm a fairly recent new grad (may 2011). While I was in nursing school I was a tech in the ER and have always hoped to work in either ER or trauma. The hospital I work at hired me as a new grad for the neuro/ortho floor however due to staffing changes/politics/being lowest seniority, it seems almost impossible for me to get back to the er in the hospital I work at. I don't hate being on neuro/ortho, and I have learned an absolute ton, but it's not ultimately what I want to be doing.

So of course when I saw that another hospital in my area had positions open for a neuro/trauma RN I hit apply without any hesitation. Not only is it trauma but it's also neuro which I've been doing since I graduated! I have an interview schedule for next week and I really have no idea what to expect. This will be my first interview as an established RN, not just as a new grad. Any advice on what type of questions may be asked? I know when I had my GN interview, they asked situational type questions, is that typical for an interview with an established RN? Or do they assume you're competent already and not ask those types of questions.

I'm so nervous about this interview since I want the position so badly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!