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Hi! I am looking for information on transport/flight nurse pay. Are pay scales the same as the rest of the nursing department? Is there extra pay given while out on a transport? Thanks!


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I work on a critical Care Ambulance serving VT, Upstate NY, NH and down to Boston and NYC. Although I'm a medic, I can still answer this as far as my company because we run 2 medics and a Nurse. The way it works for us is, when not on a transport, we are required to work in the ED at base pay/ hour. When out on a transport, we get base pay until the end of our shift then we get 1 1/2 time. We used to get paid lunches and dinners if on transports but the management said that we should make enough to cover them ourself. Unfortionately, with the same salary as an ED nurse/ ED medic, the only question I was left with is "so when do we get raises?" When we brought up increased pay while on transports due to the increased risk, the topic was changed. Although Critical Care Transport is fun, challenging, and exciting, make sure you really look into the advancement opportunities, benefits, pay scales, policy's and management before you join. Granted it looks great on a resume, but think of your sanity, health, and personal joy before accepting.



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It really will depend on the flight service. Where I was a flight nurse, we were paid the same as other RN's in the hospital with the same credentials and pay scale. We also received time and a half while in flight for hazard pay. From lift off until touch down at home base was 1.5 time. We also took call at $2/ hour and then double time if called in for a flight. No complaints about the pay.


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I make $4 more an hour to do transports than when I work in an ED. Now they're two different hospitals so I'm not sure if this helps, but from what I've seen the transport RN's seem to make a little bit more than the ED nurses.


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I'm not on the transport team but I am familiar with how it works.

They take 24 hour call @ 3.00 an hour. They usually work during the time they are on call. We have an RT and an RN, the EMT is based out of the PICU I think. For a transport they make $150 for the RN and I think $75 for RT. The problem is they could be gone for 1/2 an hour to 4-5 hours. We are a regional transport center so we have several out laying hospitals.

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