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Transitioning to nursing

by Naester06 Naester06 (New) New

A year and 3 months ago I graduated from a radiologic technology program and am now a Registered Radiologic Technologist. Since graduation I have been unable to find a job. I have sent in over 150 applications in the past year that resulted in 5 interviews and no job. As a student I was told to get a job in a hospital to "get my foot in the door", with my CNA and phlebotomy certs I was able to obtain a position as an ER Tech in my local hospital but have been passed over several times for X-ray job in the almost year I have been employed. I have come to love my ER and crave more responsibility, unfortunately my x-ray training is of no use to my position. My employer however has a program in which they will pay my tuition for a BS degree in nursing that is paid back not with money, but in time ($5000/yr.). I am highly considering this option as they would be required to give me a full time job at graduation or I owe them nothing. However even with my A.S in radiography I would still need 5 pre reqs (co reqs), and 3 years of nursing school. My question is has anyone ever attempted or known someone who has attempted this transition? I know having both my RN and my RT® would be of use in an OR or Cath Lab but is there any other job where both would be of use? Could I earn a higher salary with both registries or will my A.S. have pretty much been a waste of time and tons of money?