Transitioning from LVN to RN


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I am currently a LVN working at an elementary school and a jail. My acute care experience is pretty limited since in this area they do not hire LVN's for acute care. I have recently applied to 6 RN programs 3 of them are bridge programs. Yesterday, I spoke with a counselor at ARC and he was pretty confident that I would be accepted for either the fall or spring semesters in their bridge program. My hesitation is that I will be jumping into the RN program the second year with my feet running and this makes me nervous. I feel that I may be at a significant disadvantage because of this. I am trying to decide if I should go to the bridge program or if I should wait to get into a traditional RN program.

When I was in LVN school I was a very strong student both academically and clinically, top in my class in both aspects. However, I know that this will likely not be the case in the bridge program or even the RN program which is fine with me. I don't need to be the best, I just want to be able to pass a program and my NCLEX and get on with my life.

Despite my hesitations with the bridge program the fact that it is only a year rather than two years is extremely appealing to me. Do I go for it and struggle so I can be done finally or do I wait and take the traditional program? I would love to hear your experiences with bridge programs and how the transition is and welcome any advice.


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I think you would be able to pick up, my only concern is with the bridge program is the the fact you start the traditional students 3rd semester, it's a challenge but the counselor told me most lvns is not all lvns do well in the program and end up passing the nclex the first time.