Transitioning from acute rehab RN into another field? (Mom/baby, psych, etc.)

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Hello everyone! I have worked as an RN working at an acute rehab hospital for the past year. I love being a nurse and I love what I do (although sometimes, it can definitely be tiring -- but this is not a surprise!). I love seeing the recovery of my patients (not being able to walk to being able to use stairs!!!; using a PEG to eating foods!), but lately I have been wanting to kind of venture out to other fields. I started this job straight out of nursing school as a new grad. Definitely had my fair share of troubles in the beginning, but I have learned so much! I kind of want to venture into Mom-Baby (my favorite clinical rotation in nursing school). This is my main area of interest. I have thought about psych and urgent care (I turned down a job at urgent care after I was offered a job at my current hospital), and also peds (I worked with peds patients at my past job at a pediatric rehab hospital and LOVED it.) I have also thought about going into orthopedics...

. I was wondering if anyone who has transitioned fields would let me know if the transition would be hard? Currently, I work days with a load of 6-10 patients. I do assessments, wound care, wound V.A.C.s, IV's (When needed), R.T. meds, blood draws, admits/discharges, foleys, ostomy bags, input MD orders when needed, and some trach care (and of course I give all my patients their happy pills aka narcs whenever it is due lol). Being in rehab, I also work a lot with transfers. I am about to start working on my ACLS, and plan on getting more certifications as needed. Before my RN position I was a tech for a pediatric rehabilitation hospital. Any advice would be great! I would absolutely love to work with mom/baby (Or peds). I may start applying soon but just thought to get some input :) How did you transition? Where to? Was it difficult? Are you happy with your decision?

Also any advice about the fields I have posted would be great! :)

Thanks all and I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day! And thank you for all you do for the patients!


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I'm in the exact opposite position--I'm a new graduate who just got an offer at a sub-acute rehab facility and I'm wondering if I should take it. I feel like it would help with my nursing skills, as well as leadership skills because I would be trained to become a charge nurse over the course of the year. The manager only wants a 1-year commitment. Should I take the job and hope in a year I can transfer to ED or another specialty, or wait and see if I get another offer...

Either way, I'd love your advice about starting in a sub-acute care rehab facility!