Transitioning from Accounting to Nursing

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I have an associates degree in accounting and recently too a cna program. I am now a certified nursing assistant. i'm thinking of pursuing nursing. i dont really know where to go from here. can someone give me some information? I'm in california.

I am an RN and have actually been wanting to go into accounting. I'd work as a CNA for a few months and see if it's really for you. If you still like it, you can take some prereqs at your JC.

Hi Nessie,

thanks for your reply! im confused as to either take an LVN program then an RN program or should i just go straight to an rn program? i really enjoyed my clinicals. seeing the bright and appreciated faces of the residents. i always went home very proud to have made a difference in someone's day. very gratifying!

Good luck on accounting. I loved it too! It's just hard to find jobs in that field right now with all the businesses closing. I'm actually thinking that someday i will use accounting and nursing and start a business. =)

I personally would go straight to an RN program, although many RN programs are impacted right now. First, if you were to get your LVN, it may be more difficult for you to continue with your education and go through with going for your RN. Second, there are more job opportunities for RNs in hospitals than LVNs ... a lot of LVNs work in SNFs. Either way though, people say nursing is a good field to get into, but at the moment not too many places are hiring new grad RNs in CA.

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