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Transition from SNF to ENT Office is it a good choice?

KMarieD KMarieD (New) New

I am a new LPN. I have been working at a SNF for the past four months since I received my license. This was my first nursing job. I was trained for six days and left on my own with thirty patients. I managed and I caught on quickly.

The facility I work with was previously shut down, and now under new mamagement, well it was great until recently they started telling me I had to do certain things such as

'Continue to medicate that pt even if she's sedated so she's not yelling, that's not going to be good during tours' (even though the order states 'hold if sedated')

Then I was told to sign off medications even if they weren't available (in cart or e-kit) to avoid getting a tag.

The then over is very bad there no ones been there longer than a year.

I felt that it was just continuing to become questionable and my old Unit Manager quit and told me to start looking because she thinks they are going to be shut down again.

Today I was offered a full-time position at an ENT office. I am scared to take it because I have literally no experience. Also is this going to look bad like I am 'job hopping'?

Anyone do ENT work before ? What is it like? Any reccomendations?