Transition to RN at GW Hospital in DC


Hi guys,

I am an LPN (for 22 years) and I am going to graduate (with BSN) in May 2014, and I am seriously considering seeking employment at GW Hospital. I would like some information about the following:

1. Does GW give credit for time as an LPN ?

2. What are my obligations e.g. dues etc. to the nursing union in DC?

3. What are the patient ratios in Internal medicine, Medicine, Surgery?

4. What is the work environment like (i.e. other nurses, equipment, pod system or central nursing station etc.)?

5. How about latest up-to date starting pay for BSN's?

6. Health insurance benefit (employee contrib. and benefit eval)?

7. Finally, will GW offer assistance with school loans in exchange for time/service committment?

8. How is the PTO?

9. Any other info that will help me to make an informed decision?

I know all this sounds a bit excessive, but I live in Woodbridge and have a family, I want to know if traveling into DC to work is beneficial. I am sure GW is a good hospital, but I'd like to weigh all options and concerns,

First sorry if this is the wrong thread ( first time), and thanks to everyone's contribution to the thread.