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transition from adult acute respiratory to nicu

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I'm a nurse coming up to 3 years post qual in the UK! Iv just landed my dream job in a nicu unit at a wonderful women's and maternity hospital in my home town!

I'm eagerly waiting for my start date n crb checks to be completed!

I'm also quite nervous!

My main fears are that it's so completely different to anything iv done before my background is palliative and acute respiratory. I worry about learning the machinery, about holding such tiny babies, about bathing and changing nappies (I've never done either of these things) I worry that cause iv not had children the parents of these beautiful babies won't take me seriously!

at the same time I'm so excited I can't wait to hold and care for these little miracles and learn to use and understand the machinery.

Has anyone else on this forum done the transition from adult acute to nicu?

I cannot wait to start so I'm currently reading up and watching videos on a day in the life of a nicu nurse. My only experience of nicu is visiting my cousins there and seeing my aunties first kangaroo care with her youngest was such an amazing and humbling experience I cannot wait to help new mums & dad's experience this!

Just finished nights so sorry if iv rambled! Any advice or shared experience would be much appreciated


jodie! Soon to be nicu nurse

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