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Transferring schools amid a BSN...help


I have been in a very frustrating situation, and thought your or someone else could possibly point me in the right direction. I have been doing my RN-BSN through TESC, NJ. I started the program some years ago. I am a foreign graduate and have already done all the same BSN subjects overseas (they were just called other names) but TESC never gave me credit for these subjects- they were all part of the BSN core curriculum. Now 6 years later I find myself having 5 subjects left to do. The college will only allow me to do the subjects one after the other because they have a set "order" which we need to follow, meaning I will take another year to complete my BSN. This is utterly ridiculous as I should have been done long ago.

I have been looking around to find other schools who will let me transfer into their RN-BSN program so I can finish in les than 6 months. All of them seem to have a limit to how much I can transfer in. I have about 101 out of the 120 required semester credits to complete my BSN. Because most schools (even online) tell me that I already have too many credits to transfer to another college, I feel I am stuck with this college, and will have to wait a whole year to start my MSN-NP.

I have also emailed several colleges about transferring straight into their MSN program (based on my high credit count) where they could allow me entrance without a BSN yet, but all of them come back and tell me I need to have my BSN before they will consider me for their program.

I have seen RN-MSN courses online but these are not in the track I want to pursue, since I would like to get my DNP(FNP) as an outcome.

Can anybody advise or recommend an ACCREDITED college where they will take me for their BSN completion program even though I have 101/120 credits already and I can complete in 6 months or less?

Or if you know of a decent MSN (FNP) program that would consider me without my BSN yet?

Any advice/help is appreciated!