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Transferring RPN license from Ontario to B.C

by Namrata Patel Namrata Patel (New) New Nurse


I'm an internationally educated nurse with bacholer's degree in nursing. I just got my license for RPN in Ontario after passing CPRNE. I'm thinking about moving to B.C and have my license transferred over there. I'm trying to get opinions of RPNs/ LPN who have gone through the process of this. Some of my concerns are related to work experience. I did one year of practice in my home country and came here to do an acute complex care clinical course. I wonder if any work experience in Canadian health system/hospital as RPN is required to have my license transferred to b.c? What would be the process time bc government takes to complete the application ? Would I be required to have my employer back home to send work experience certificate again to BCCNP even though it was sent to CNO?

I have found the step by step process on BCCNP website. However, I would love to know your experiences ! 😄