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Any one have any idea how to go about transferring my MA RN license to Florida? I started the process, but need to submit electronic fingerprinting thru livescan. I am unsure how to do this and unsure of a place that will do this in mass and submit it to Florida board of nursing.

Does se anyone have ideas?


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I recently transferred a license, but not to Florida. I did have to use live scan for my fingerprints as well. The licensing board sent me an official fingerprint form and then I took it to the police station to get fingerprinted. Call the licensing board in Florida and they should be able to help.


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You should search live scan companies in MA, after that you can call and set up an appt to have them completed. If there is no one in your area that does live scan then you can send a fingerprint card. You can actually get cards at the police station or most places that does fingerprinting. Again you'll have to search companies in your area that does fingerprinting. I actually had my fingerprints completed at a gun shop. I endorsed my license to Florida from Texas in 2011 and used the fingerprint cards.

I got fingerprinting at Certifix live scan they are certified and approved from the DOJ and FBI ,you can find the nearest location.