Transferring Nursing Schools: University of Hawaii Manoa BSN Program


Hello everyone! I was recently accepted into the BSN Program at the University of Hawaii Manoa for the Fall 2015 Semester (would be Spring 2015, but the school didn't have the money). I am so happy to finally begin my nursing journey; however, I have a few questions maybe some of you could help me with answering before I contact the school.

My husband is in the military and we are scheduled to move during the year of 2016. This is the first time I tried applying to get into the program and the fact that I got in is a relief, but also a struggle. I have waited, studied hard, and wanted more than anything to begin my career in nursing while I am still living in Hawaii, but am unsure of whether or not starting at UH is worth it when I will most likely only be in the nursing program at UH for one year (due to my husband's job in the military). And, if I do decide to enroll in the nursing program at UH, how difficult would it be to transfer from one BSN program to another? I'd imagine that having one year of nursing school under my belt would be beneficial, but maybe I am mistaken.

Side note: The BSN program at UH Manoa is a three year program. I already have three years of schooling completed and if I wanted I could probably get a bachelor degree (aside from the BSN) by next year.

TIA! I really appreciate any insight! :)


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I can tell you that most of the time nursing core classes are not transferable. Each program has their own curriculum that don't match perfectly to other schools curriculums. There are a handful of schools that will take nursing core transfer credits but it would take an insane amount of luck for your husband to be transferred to an area that is within driving distance to one of those very few schools. Basically, don't count on being able to transfer all your credits. You may be able to transfer your regular credits, but the actually nursing theory and lab usually doesn't. So you would complete your less than a year and then have to start the core program over when moving. Your best options are to wait to start until you guys move and hope your husband stays there for more than 2 years, or to keep this placement, let him move, and then move when your program is completed. You can apply for campus housing and go see him during your winter and summer breaks.