Transferring nursing classes?

U.S.A. Georgia


Do any of you know about transferring nursing courses to other nursing schools?

Specifically transferring nursing courses from GPC to either North Georgia College and State University, Kennesaw, or Brenau.

One person I spoke with at Kennesaw said they do not accept classes taken at other schools except in extreme cases and said it pretty much does not happen. I plan to meet with my advisor this week to talk about it a little more but wanted to know if anyone knew how this works. Basically, I am going to be at GPC in the Spring and it will be about a 4 hour commute a day (2 each way) for me so if I get into Kennesaw (which is MUCH CLOSER) I'd like to transfer as soon as I get in (I've applied for Summer semester). If Kennesaw won't take the credits my next choice would be North Georgia which is also very close to me and I'd like to transfer there. I've already sent in my application for entry next fall. I am going to call all of these places but I was hoping someone may have some first hand knowledge or experience they could share.



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