Transferring from MDC to FIU or Barry


HI, So I really need some help! I have been doing tons of research online and have not been able to find the answers I need! If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated! I am in MDC college now taking the general prerequisites. I want to apply for next year Fall 2015 to either FIU, Barry, or both! 1. Which college do you recommend? 2. What are the prerequisites for both of their nursing programs that I can take in MDC? 3. How hard is it to get in? These are just a few of my questions on top of my head... All help is appreciated!!! Thank you! #collegeisconfusing!!!


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Why don't you apply for Mdc nursing program

I was going to do that. But then I realized that it'll take much longer to get my

associated degree and then bachelors from mdc, than just getting my bachelors from FIU or Barry!