Transferring your lvn from a non compact state to a compact state.

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Hi there, I have a couple questions in regards to transferring your nursing license to a different state. Now, I am not yet licensed as a Nurse. I have my nclex date scheduled a week from now, and if I pass (I like to consider myself a hopeful person), I plan to then transfer that on over to Arizona, from California. My first question would be, what is the process time? Or does everyone's case and situation vary? I did read all of the requirements and documents necessary to mail over to the Arizona Board of Nursing, there was just a couple things I was a tad bit confused about, such as the fingerprint card. I suppose I should give them a call to clarify that to me. So, maybe I would just like to speak with someone who has made the transfer and transition to a different state, and hear about your process, wait time, and experience. I do apologize for any confusion from this post. I guess I'm just anxious and nervous with the whole move and transition. I appreciate your time and feedback!

First of all, good luck on your upcoming NCLEX exam! I may not be able to answer all of your questions, but since no one else replied, I thought I'd try and answer what I can. First, you obviously have to obtain your license, then you should be able to apply to the BON in AZ for licensure by endorsement once you meet their requirements. I'm not familiar with AZ, but from your question it sounds like they still use hard copy fingerprint cards?? My state used to use those, but has since changed to computerized finger scans (Livescan fingerprinting) which are much easier to keep track of and store in a statewide data base. I would definitely call the AZ BON to clarify things, but if indeed they do use hard copy cards, you should be able to get finger printed at a sheriff's department (that's where I had to go for mine originally) or somewhere like that for a minimal fee, and mail the card off with your application. As for time, I think it all varies state to state. I have a friend (she's an RN) who moved from where we live, which is a compact state, to another state which is a non-compact state. She said it was a hassle and took a while to complete everything, let alone all the fees involved. Honestly, if you're planning to move right away anyway, it may make sense to just apply to the AZ BON and take the boards there as opposed to taking it in CA and then having to transfer and pay the fees in both states. It's at least worth a call to see if that's possible! Good luck!

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