transferring from cardiac stepdown unit to outpatient surgery/in hospital GI Lab?


I have worked for 6 yrs now in cardiac stepdown/tele progressive care unit. 2 yrs ago, I posted about my burnout. But I thrive and stick with it again for couple yrs. Last yr covid pandemic, our floor was shut down, floated to med surg floor then back to our floor. I just started as a charge nurse and preceptor last year. It feels like I have another meltdown this yr and have no desire to work bedside nursing again. More tasks for charge nurses to do, need to improve patient satisfaction, etc. I did not get a pay raise for 5 yrs until this career ladder started last yr but I have to accumulate hours in order for them to give you a raise and advance to the ladder. But this year, I feel more not in touch with what I do as a nurse at bedside. I know Hospitalists and cardiologists trusted my assessment skills. But it is not being there for them and teaching them. It is more passing meds and waiting until snf placement. I applied for another position in our hospital. And it is in OutPatient surgery/GI lab unit. This unit last yr became our covid unit. The work setting is different. I need ideas on what are considerations I need to think about, pros and cons from transferring to a cardiac stepdown unit that enhanced my nursing skills but feels like I am not growing there professionally even though, precepting and charging are now part of my duties last yr. But I feel numb and unable to function as a bedside nurse that I was before the first 2 to 4 yrs there. Need some ideas from ya'll. Appreciate it.