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Transfer to TAMHSC?

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Hey friends!

I was accepted to and am now enrolled in the BSN program at University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio. I am really excited to start on the this semester but I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I make too much money to qualify for anything from FAFSA and there aren't many Scholarships that I can apply for at UIW. I recently graduated with a BS in Community Health from Texas A&M - College Station and the tuition rates are so different. I am applying to the TAMHSC second degree program just in case I can't keep up with the tuition but I feel bad. What if I don't get into the second degree program? What if I do get in but I love UIW? I have heard a lot of talk about job preference going to TAMHSC students over private university students and wondered if anyone knew if that had any weight? I loved TAMU but the classes were huge and until my last two semesters there, I felt like my professors really didn't care to know me at all. I'm really looking forward to smaller class sizes and more attentive faculty from UIW, but I also don't want my chances of getting a job to take a hit, just because I went to a private university instead of a public uni. like TAMU. Any thoughts?

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