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I will graduate in December and have applied for an OR position in a small community hospital. I am told that they do occasionally hire graduate nurses and they are listed on AORN's website as having the periop 101 training through AORN. I wonder if any of you can suggest some inquiries to make in an interview regarding the training. One concern I had is that I was told you start off in the OR central supply area learning the sterilization process and (I am assuming) tray/kit setups. I have no problems with this, but I sure don't want to be in CS for months! What is an accepted time frame for basic training and what kind of "training rotations" should I expect? I know you all work in many different types of hospitals, but there must be some standards I should expect and be able to inquire about. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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You will get many opinions on this. There are a number of threads in the past on this subject. Do a search. Good luck


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If they follow the AORN periop 101 program, there are 26 modules to complete as part of your training. Ideally you will be paired with a preceptor from the onset and your didactic work will coincide with your clinical experiences. In our facility the periop 101 students spend a week of half-days in sterile processing learning instruments of basic trays.

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