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Hi! Please help!

I am a struggling pre nursing student. I have taken most of my pre reqs so far for the nursing program but I can't seem to make the grades and I have not taken the TEAS. I really wanted to go to a nursing program at a public school because I know it's the best option but when I contacted Brightwood College, I was admitted almost instantly. I was very excited at first but I'm hearing some bad things about these "for profit" trade schools. They are expensive. $43k total (including paying life expenses) for an accelerated 12 month program. This school is accredited but the graduation and NCLEX pass rates are 20% lower than the community colleges in my area. Granted it is accelerated and much tougher. I realize these schools are looking for your money so I'm wondering if the professors will be any good? Am I still getting sufficient education? I feel like this is my only option and I want to feel good about this. I want to get my BSN in the end but I know the credits are most likely nontransferrable. When I turn 24 I will be able to file for my own financial aid and not my parents so if I go to this school, I won't get income, making it so that FAFSA will give me more financial aid after the LVN program. Hoping this will make school very cheap (in California) as I'm getting an RN. I'm not in a rush to be a nurse because I am passionate about being one and I'm not just choosing the fastest and easiest way. I'm trying to choose the best way.

Concluding questions:

What schools (anywhere) offer bridge programs without taking prerequisites?

Is this my best option and are there any suggestions one can make to me?

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