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Towson/UMB SON Prerequisites: Second Degree

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Hey there, ladies & gents,

I am considering getting a second degree BSN and I believe I've narrowed it down to 2 schools: Towson or UMB. However, I'm unsure how to proceed regarding the prerequisites. If I opt for UMB, I'd have to obtain these at a community college before applying to UMSON. However, I am wondering if there are students who applied to Towson's 2nd degree program first, obtained their prerequisites there (and not at a CC) and then applied to Towson's nursing school? Does Towson have a preference for its students as opposed to transfers?

I suppose I just want to get the ball rolling and just start. Is the general recommendation to take prereqs at a CC or is it better to just apply to the university and get the prereqs done there? Other than cost (which isn't that much in savings considering the number of prerequisites to finish), why would you recommend a CC versus jumping straight into Towson's second degree program?

Greatly appreciate any insight!! Thanks! :)

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