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After a patient (any patient) is transferred out of his ICU room, we throw out all supplies that were in the bedside supply cart Syringes, flushes, dressings, whatever). It 'feels' like a good idea for cleanliness, but I cannot say that I find any data to support that this is actually necessary.

I was also wondering about glove boxes... Does your facility throw out glove boxes between patient admissions?

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A few years ago our ICU did a cost analysis of supply waste after a patient is transferred out of ICU. What we discovered was that hundred of thousands of dollars were being wasted in tossed supplies.

We decided to get each room a moving supply cart that could be placed outside the door of the room and thus never come in contact with the patient and anything they may have. We have managed to save a ton of money and can better track supplies as they are easy to move around and restock. Glove boxes remain in the room unless the patient was positive for C. Diff, if that is the case the room is bleached and a UV light cleaning system is used (Xenex).


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Well My hospital charges every single item taken and used for the patient and I mean everything you take out you have to scan it for that patient and if patient transfers the hospital still gets pay from insurance.


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At my hospital, we don't change glove boxes in between patients