Top 10 BSN Programs 2011 in Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


hello all,

i'm a pre-bsn student that is looking for the top 10 best bsn nursing programs for 2011 in the philadelphia area. i have a 3.5 g.p.a., i'm 38 yo male (not that that matters) and i'm currently applying to jefferson's pre-bsn program just to give a little background on myself. my goal is to prepare for work in the icu and possibly crna down the road. i'm aware of how to look up schools based on rn licensure pass rates but i'm looking more towards the overall quality and reputation for bsn programs. i ask that when listing your top 10, please give a detailed explanation of your top 5, explain why you picked them. please do not include university of pennsylvania, i'm already aware of their national rank but ivy league isn't for me. thank you in advance for your help, i'm hoping that this thread will also help others that are confused and trying to get the most out of their education so they are prepared to become excellent nurses in the future.

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