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Tools to organize yourself?

bloomicy bloomicy (Member)

Hi, all,

I'm a new HH nurse, trying to figure out my own "system" to keep myself organized on the road. We have laptops, so I won't really need to bring too much paperwork... but I'm looking for handy tips on how to organize my stuff on the road. Folks with laptops -- do you do most of your documentation in the home or in the car? If you do it in the car, do you have any kind of "desk?" Can you recommend a supply company for organizing an office in your car? Do you keep your computer together with your nursing bag? When you eat on the road, how do you keep your car (and computer, and cell, and papers) clean and safe?

Any tips would be helpful! Thanks!


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I recommend as much documentation in the home as you are comfortable with. My company still uses a paper system (changing to laptops this year, though!) but I think you can still do a lot of documentation in the home...even the narrative.If it is a home where I am comfortable, I just ask, "Is it okay if I sit here for a couple minutes and finish my charting?"And, honestly the majority of clients love the fact that I'm not rushing out of the house.It is more efficient and the charting is more concise if its done right away. Otherwise I document in the car.

My goal is to at least get he physical assessment done in the home. Goals and interventions I finish up at home because they can be lengthy. When we had laptops I used the back of my passenger seat. It would fold all the way forward and had a hard plastic back made to be a desk. Now we use PDA's and that isn't a problem. Several of our nurses use plastic crates that hold hanging file folders for extra paperwork and teaching guides

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