Took Hesi Entrance Exam today at UALR


I just took the Hesi today. I took me 3.5 hours and my school requires all sections except physics. My score was an 83. I studied using the Hesi Admission Study Guide. The book prepared me well for english, vocabulary, and math. I made above 90% in those areas. I made 84 on reading comprehension which was great for me because I always do horrible in that section on standardized tests. Now, the sciences are another story. I did ok in A&P I got 88%, biology was 76, Chemistry I made 68 :grumpy:. The book in no way prepared me for the sciences. I relied on the things I rememberd in class. I Haven't taken Chemistry yet. Just study your book for math. It is basically fractions, percentages, ratios, and converting. I didn't have any roman numerals or temperature conversions. Also study quizlets for the vocabulary. I saw at least 75% of the words I saw on quizlets. Some are just common sense. Anyways I'm happy with my grade. Passing is basically 70% at my school and if you get above 80% you get 10 bonus points added to your quality school for admission ranking purposes.


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Great job! My weakest area was A+P. I didn't even know it was going to be on the test! I've heard that if colleges require prior HS science courses then those will be on the HESI Entrance exam. Well, my school didn't require a HS A+P course so I didn't think it was going to be on there. I was wrong! It was on there and I got a 78% in that section. The only thing that saved me was there were a lot of questions about the brain and I know a lot about that because I have a degree in psychology (with a biological-focused perspective) from a different college.

So for everyone studying for the HESI entrance exam and who know that A+P will be on there I recommend studying the brain and the heart. Those were the majority of the questions on my exam. For the brain it was a lot of knowing the corresponding function to a given brain region (sometimes general [like the frontal lobe] and sometimes a little more specific [like the hypothalamus]). The heart is what tripped me up because I had never had A+P, so definitely know blood flow and the different valves/atria and how all that works.