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Hi everyone!

I am a 28 year old who just finished my first semester of college as a pre-nursing student. I am proud to say I finished with a 4.0 (this includes A&P I and General Chemistry.)

I have always been extremely ambitious in my endeavors. I was in a career as a teen (in computers) and didn't think about going to college. Then I got married and had kids and was a stay at home mom, so I had to start all over with a new career. I have always thought about a medical career and so that is what I decided to pursue.

CRNA appeals to me because it would seem to have the most flexible hours of any of the AP nursing specialties (CRNA's are needed around the clock correct? Probably more so than NP's) and seems to be very intellectually stimulating.

We finished up the semester in A&P with the nervous system and the whole time I was thinking about how important this would be as a CRNA and blocking the various regions etc. LOL

I have already investigated the CRNA programs in my state (TN) and I am planning to start a BSN program next fall at UT-C which offers a CRNA program as well. I wonder if being a graduate of the BSN program would have any weight in acceptance into the CRNA program? :idea:

My husband is very supportive of whatever I choose. He is being a great part time stay at home dad.

Anyway, is it too early to already be dreaming of getting my MSN? How do I find a CRNA to shadow? I guess I feel like this is already playing into some of my decisions (like where I plan to attend nursing school). I am the type of person that hones in on something and will research it into the ground! :chuckle

What else can I do to research CRNA's and to figure out if I would be a good fit?


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