Tomorrow is my first day


Of rotation in OB.... I'm sooo excited and nervous! This is one of the areas I always thought I may want to work in when I graduate so I want to do really well!! All my readings are done and my cue cards are ready (bubbles and head to toe assessment, that sort of thing). I swear I don't feel like I'll sleep tonight... I'll start in postpartum care, then L&D and finally NICU. Wish me luck!!

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You're going to have a pretty good time in OB, if my experience with it is any indication. They won't allow you to do anything that will jeopardize the health of the babies. Make sure you get there on time, if not early. Make sure you have an idea where the stuff is on the unit, and pay attention. The overall process will be the same, but just tweaked for the specific population you'll be with. I had a great time doing OB, even though I'll probably NEVER truly get to do OB stuff (except for maybe NICU).

Just keep your eyes open, your ears open, and mouth shut unless you're asking questions or assessing that first day. Why? It's just going to be a whole whirlwind... and make a timeline for what you have to do. Oh, and because a lot of it involves the babies/fetuses doing stuff on their own schedule, so be prepared to be flexible with that timeline!

Hi Donk, just wondering how your OB rotation is going? That is the area I am most interested in also, so im curious as to whether it is what you thought it would be? It looks like you are at Georgian, which is where im starting soon, possibly inMay. I have a couple of questions i would like to ask you about the program etc, it looks as though i need to have 15 posts in order to send a i allowed to post my email on this board, or will i get a slap on the wrist.? Lol!


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Ask away :) so far I've done my hospital orientation and then spent two days in simulation lab (the week we are in sim lab we skip clinical) so this Sunday will be my first time actually working on the floor... Can't wait!! I want to see babies haha!