toileting & bathing older adults


I'm about to begin working in an aged care complex but have never been exposed to this sort of environment before. What is the usual method of bathing & toileting elderly clients in these facilities? Are residents usually able to take care of themselves or does the nurse usually have to help shower/bathe them? Can you describe a scenario?

I'd also like to know what is the most common thing you find yourself doing as a cna, obviously duties vary depending on the client's needs but is there one thing you find yourself doing more than anything else during a typical day?

Any other useful information would be much appreciated, I want to be as prepared as possible before beginning thanks :)

I've never worked in such a facility. I would assume it would be on an individual basis. Are you a CNA? They didn't give you any type of training?


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It is a care assistant position, I haven't formally trained for the position but i'm a 2nd year RN student - i've only assisted with basic patient care so far.

In a bathing situation, I usually see how well they move when I'm transferring them. If their arms are mobile, then I let them clean as best they can with one wash rag. With the other one I start with their back, and watch what they're doing in the front. The ones who are very independent will clean their own perineal area. If they can't reach, or aren't coordinated enough, then I take over on that type of care. Each person is going to be a learning experience. What I do most depends on which shift. Day shift, it's just a giant race against time to get all of it done. PMs are more chill, and nights are even more chill. Assisted living, though, I would assume they're a lot more independent than a nursing home. The ones that would come from assisted living to my SNF would be discharged back to the assisted living after getting better enough to get up and do for their self.


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My advice is to take notes while you're being orientated to the facility and the patients. Everyone has their own preferences and elderly patients can get very agitated if they have to repeat the same things to you. But if you already know what they want, they'll be much more cooperative.

I worked the day shift in a facility with 13 patients for a year before I got burned out. 13 might not sound like many but myself and one other CNA were responsible for all of their ADLs, baths, activities, etc plus I am a Med Aide so I would regularly also have to pass meds. Now I work overnights. I do rounds to change briefs and reposition people every two hours, answer a few call lights and study or watch movies the rest of the time. It's so much less physically demanding.


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Thanks for the info guys, I will definitely take a notepad with me thanks for the tip. I believe we only have 1 day orientation, does this mean that after this time I will be left on my own or will I still be able to receive help until I know the routine? I really doubt I will learn everything I need to know in one day :-/