To triage or not to triage

by Cowboys_RN Cowboys_RN, BSN Member

Specializes in Hospice, Internal Medicine. Has 15 years experience.

I have been a nurse a for 13 years. For the last 7 years I have worked in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine as the clinic RN. I do a lot of phone triage/advice but also some hands on pt care. Since covid most of my calls are all covid related and I'm the only one in the clinic doing all the covid testing. The providers do video calls with the patients then I suit up and go down 5 stories to the parking lot and test pts in the their cars. Also during this time administration decided to start debating whether they really need RNs when they "can pay LVNs half as much". So I started looking for a new position.

I have been offered a phone advice line position with a large company that I actually worked for before. It is closer to home and will be the same hours however will require every other weekend.

I'm on the fence about what to do. I love the doctors I work with and most of the staff but am not a fan management. I'm also concerned with my continuous covid exposure as my father-n-law lives with me and has stage 4 lung cancer and my husband has comorbidities that put him at higher risk. My concern with this position is being under the microscope so much. They listen to your calls and read all of your notes. I'm not micromanaged at all right now. I'm also concerned with burnout of doing the same thing all day long.

Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated!