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Any advice for this newbie? smile.gif

I will be taking the entrance exam on May 12th. I have been studying the Barron's study guide and 4 editions of past NLN tests. Anything else I could be doing? I would appreciate any advice!!!!

Thank You!


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I took the NLN test in February after spending several weeks reading the NLN study guide and taking all the practice tests. My advice is don't waste your time on it, because it's completely useless. This is also the opinion of several others who have taken the test. You might want to practice algebra problems. There are alot of basic doseage conversions (i.e., grams to milligrams, # of times per day to give meds and how much, etc.) Remember that calculators aren't allowed. There's no studying for a large portion of the science section. You either know the info or you don't. There will be questions based on experiments with three or four outcomes, so practice interpreting data from tables, graphs, etc. You should be prepared for a hard test, but don't get stressed out about it. Your scores will be based on your knowledge of the material compared to everyone else taking the test. I know you'll do fine.


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I took the NLN on April 7. And, as the previous poster indicated, you really can't study for this test, with the exception of reviewing math problems. I viewed this test as more of an IQ test, based on what you have learned through life experience. All I can say is pay close attention to your time. When you get the 5 minute warning, start to fill any remaining answers as a guess. You won't get them all right, but it does allow to nail some answers by luck. I finished all 3 segments with time to spare, but my study partner paniced, and didn't pay attention to her time, and consequently left many answers unanswered...not a good thing.

Another thought, some people are not good test takers, and yet they would be most qualified to be a successful nurse.


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