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Tncc 8th edition

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hey guys. I'm set up for my first class for tncc. I'm feel sort of confident in the skills portion, however I'm petrified for the written test. I work ED Obs, so I don't get trauma at all, ever. I'm doing this in hope that I can work the actually ED. Is there any place I can practice questions worth my wild? Any tips or suggests how to go in this without feeling like I'm about to suffocate? I have absolutely no idea how to prepare for this test. Thanks!

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aolmoz has 25 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in Emergency Medicine.

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I used to be an instructor. I’m not sure if a lot has changed, but what was useful for my students was to review the summary of each chapter and go through the hands on scenarios at the end of the book.

When you are at the skills stations pay attention to how many things they want you to report - example “I’m examining the airway. I am looking for evidence of (name 3 things that could obstruct and airway - FB, blood, tongue ). The number needed to pass will have little * in the space on the checklist.

After stating what you are doing and what you are assessing wait for a response from the examiner. If good then proceed, if an intervention needs to be done you need so say what you are doing to resolve the problem then ask if it’s been effective.

I know your question was about the written exam though. My advice - skim the summaries at the end of each chapter before class and listen carefully in lecture. The lecture addresses all the ** items you should know. Usually the lecturer will draw your attention to these things.

You’ll do great. It’s a terrific class. I learned a lot the first time I took it. I expect you will be glad you took it, also!

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