TNCC for New Grad?

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First of all, even though I am new to the club of Registered Nurses and allnurses community, I periodically checked this websites if I had some questions through-out my nursing school. Thank you all.

So now, finally when I passed my Board exam, I decided to ask my own question. In meantime while I wait to land a perfect job, lol or any jobs in that matter, I started thinking to take some additional courses, like TNCC, to gain some credentials. The course is kinda expensive if paid out my own pocket (~$500).

Any thoughts if this a great, good, or not so good idea to spend my money?




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Unless you plan to work in a trauma center as a brand new nurse, the course will have little meaning for you. As it is, you might not benefit from it until you actually are in the ED or Trauma setting. It is easier to put all the pieces together and do your "mega-trauma" once you are more familiar with the type of assessment and skills required in those settings.

Just my humble opinion.

I'd get ACLS, though.