Tips on keeping knowledge/skills


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I am a new grad RN. I did my consolidation in ICU and I really want to work in some type of critical care.

Unfortunately, due to the job situation, I was only able to find 2 casual positions in LTC. I'm really happy I found something, but I'm worried about losing my ICU knowledge & skills while working in LTC.

As soon as I get my license I plan to sign up for a Critical Care course and I'd also like to take an Emergency course and EKG Interpretation course, but how do I hang on to my skills? I had gotten pretty decent at starting IVs by the end of my placement, but at both LTC homes where I'll be working you don't do ANY IVs. If the pt requires IV meds a home care nurse comes in (how silly is that?!)

In my area, the majority of RNs in LTC are in supervisory positions (I will be the shift supervisor at both places) and do paperwork along with some RN skills (catheter irrigation, pack drsgs, etc). It'll also be my responsibility to do rounds with the MD/NP if I'm on when he/she is there. The LPNs/RPNs do all pills so the only time I would be doing pills is if we are short a RPN or PRN meds on nights where I'll be the only nurse in the building.

Anyway, I was just looking for some tips on how to hang on to my skills and knowledge that I worked so hard to gain as a student.

Thanks in advance!