Tips for finding a job, Night shift LPN advice


Hello all!

As a newly graduate, I had a tough time finding a job, I applied to almost every place online, I am sure about 30-40 applications! After 2-3 weeks, I realized I needed to change my approach, so I decided to go into the facilities and apply, and lucky enough, I got an interview the same day, and was offered a job two days later. SO for all the LPN's that are having trouble just starting off, I would suggest this if you are desperate like me of course :)


I decided to pick up the night shift, so my question for you all is, what should I be prepared for, and what are duties beside med pass at night, the types of treatments etc?

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks once again!

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I worked nights at a LTC for a while. Night was responsible for restocking the med carts and ordering refills from pharmacy, any random non assesment type paperwork (insurance paperwork) plus any of the regular charting assesment duties, check functioning of equipment and fridges, reviewing every MAR and treatment sheet monthly to verify orders. A lot of busy work and if you had discharge a patient to hospital or funeral home (remember LTC) you obviously had a whole set of to do lists from that.

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I've worked night shift for most of my nursing years. I like it the best of all shifts. In addition to all of the things listed above, often nurses are doing the bed checks along with the other staff, checking, changing and repositioning residents and answering lights. I realized early on that assuming they sleep at night is all wrong. If they're not being woke up by lights turning on every two hours for checks, they're awake anyway, which explained why they fall asleep during the day in their chairs going down the hallway... overall it's busy, but a different kind of busy than during the day shifts.